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Proff. Hugh (Head Bottle Washer)

Started mixing music before mixers was readily availible. My 1st turntable I had was a Raggedy Ann & Andy with built-in speakers I bough at Toys R us in 1976. In 1988 my first taste of radio was WEAR fm 88.8 in Syracuse N.Y. (1981). Had first pirate radio station in New York (1992) . Worked on WWRL Am1600 & WRTN 93.5FM (currently now WVIP ).

Lady English (In The Mood Week nites 10 pm - 12 am) (Sundays 2 pm - 4 pm)

The founder of "Fountain Pimento Oil" has turned her passion for all things Jamaican in to her career.  Lady English, a native South Londoner of Jamaican descent and a self described "Jamglish" was a teenage journalist since 1984, writing for several music magazines in London. Memorable milestones included London's only two Sun Splash concerts in 1985 & 1986, as well as extensive coverage of Alton Ellis' 25th Jubilee and festivities. Her writing skills allowed her to transgress into becoming a Publicist, developing into Artist Management and Radio Broadcasting.Traveling across the nation and the world is nothing new for Lady English. Every year you can catch the Londoner attending events in her native land and in Yard.  It was through her travels that 'Fountain Pimento Oil" was born and this Jamaican line of products has been embraced by the international community.Lady English is the New York correspondent for "The Reggae Spin Show" in St. Petersburg, Florida conducting live broadcast duties including Jamaica's Rebel Salute, Jazz & Blues Festival and Reggae Sumfest. She also co-hosts a weekly show "The English Connection" on WVIP from 2pm-4pm on Sundays. Bringing you an unusual and eclectic mix of music from ALL genres, health & political bulletins that impact our community, as well as local businesses that exist to serve all 4,000,000 of us that call the Tri-state area home!

The Soul Brother Barry Fowden (Sundays 11 am - 12 pm / 6 pm - 7 pm)

Born in Manchester 20 March 1946 Father was a policeman so I moved around in my younger days.Used to listen to mum and dad's party the 50's..did not realise then...but it was black artists.Nat King Cole, Dinah Washington, Johnny Mathis and Sarah Vaughan.bought my first record late 50's. Jimmy Jones 'Good Timin'...again a black artist.There was always something in the voices that moved me.Left home when I was 20 and moved to Bristol.Single...and loved the 'swinging' 60's and early 70's.Worked in the daytime...DJ and parties at night.Where did I get the energy?Motown and Stax Records...then the 'Sound of Philadelphia.'What a time it was!!!Met my German wife Eva-Maria on holiday in Spain in 1974 and moved to Germany in April 1975.While learning the language I listened to U.S. Military radio...AFN...and DJ'd.Joined my wife's business in 1977...International Funeral Home.In 1995 the local Radio station asked if I would do a radio show...One has turned into well over 400.My love of soul has never waned...and I also love soulful gospel...the roots of soul! Endless wonderful music...but maybe I was born to love it. It was my soul!

Jazz On the J Note with Stephanie Jeannot (Sundays 7 pm - 8 pm)

Click here or on my pic to visit my site

If you are interested in knowing a singer who truly loves the art of singing, then you need to know Stephanie Jeannot.This singer and writer is the embodiment of a true singing spirit. She started her musical journey at church and has sung in every choir that has allowed her to share her talent with them. Growing up in a Catholic (classical) church, she later found her way into a Baptist (Gospel) church, gaining instruction and singing direction through both.Since then, she has directed choirs and has advanced into sharing her gift as a group and private voice instructor and as a professional, singing across stages and creating music.Also a writer, Jeannot has been gifted in putting her scribing techniques onto paper and into songs, poems, blogposts and more. She is an English major at Medgar Evers College, the only Historical Black College in New York, pursuing her bachelor’s degree with concentration in Professional writing, through which she has established herself as a producer and radio show host of the radio show Jazz on the JNote, a jazz based talk and music show, which airs on the 24/7 rotation of and also on the 26000-watt station WNYE 91.5 FM on Sunday evenings at 7:30PM, which spans throughout New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Her role as a radio show host and producer has also gained her knowledgeability in audio and video editing, social media marketing, website design and creating promotional paraphernalia.Also a songwriter and cultured in the studio and on stage, Stephanie creates music and has published her first official single CD featuring her songs, “I’ll Be There” and “All Night Long”which is available at CDBABY, Itunes, Amazon, and everywhere on-line where music is sold.  She is actively recording music in her own studio as well as at others where she uses Sonar, Protools and Presonus to record her musical productions.You can find her on stages all over the tri-state area on which she performs covers and original material. She has performed with notable acts as the original Dreamgirl Jennifer Holiday, Ray Chew, Bassist Kim Clarke, Eric Durham of the group Cameo, songwriter Fred McFarlane, Guitarist Solomon Hicks, Saxophonist Patience Higgins and also on some great stages as The Jacob Javits Convention Center, York College, The Dr Mary Umolu Jazzy Jazz Festival & The Harlem Stage just to name a few.You can find Jeannot on various social media platforms or on a stage near you. Look out for Jeannot because if you are unaware of this wonderful talent now, you are destined to know that this skylark was born to transform minds and hearts with her wonderful voice and music.

The StoneWeir Show Sunday 10 pm to 11 pm


My name, is Richard weir from Belize. I'm 42 years young.i love music, especially reggae and dancehall music that is why I have my own YouTube channel from 2012, an still going strong, that's my pride and joy, Just love it.I Graduated from primary school, I did two years in high school. And I am happy to be joining this English Connection media internet radio station.

Stephaine J & Johnny J The Indie Show Tuesday 9pm

(Rocketman Classic Radio show) Wednesdays 8 pm - 9 pm

Bob Francis is the host and producer of Vintage Gold Classics, but the real star of the show is the music. Bob's big friendly voice keeps listeners engaged by letting them now the artist's names. the title of the song, and the year it was released. The new younger batch of listeners appreciates that. Bob feels that "Every Song Brings Back a Thousand Memories" and those memories you just can't get out of your head. After you listen to VGC you are guaranteed to be humming some tune Bob has Played on his show.   Bob Francis a veteran Broadcaster that is a walking library of music history and songs that will bring the memories flooding back! There are many Radio Shows that play Classic Hits...but the difference with Bob's Vintage Gold Classics Show is that you get a Radio Show that is presented with passion from the presenter! You just know from listening to Bob's show he loves what he does. It's a show that has everything you want from a Radio show.The show originates from a small city in the middle of Pennsylvania called Pottsville, where Bob worked as a staff announcer and news man back in the 70's on Pottsville's WPAM, Great Radio 1450. Bob is also a military retiree. serving in the Army National Guard for 27 years.

       You can reach Bob directly at,

Cyna Nicole On Island Worldwide/


Name: Tania N. Sutherland (formally Williams) aka Chyna Nicole
Location: New York
Genre: Reggae/Pop Music
Influences: Carlie Williams [dad] and Yvonne Williams [mom], Michael Jackson, Clement Coxsone Dodd, Whitney Houston, Sanchez, Shabba Ranks, Mariah Carey, Babyface, Bob Marley, Madonna, Pat Benetar and Janet Jackson

Born in New York City of proud Jamaican parents from Waterhouse, (Carl and Yvonne), Chyna-Nicole read the back of Michael Jackson's album covers at the tender age of 5 and begun her song-writing techniques.The rich musical culture of Waterhouse is instilled in Chyna although birthed in the US. Her father was the first apprentice to Legendary U-Roy and was an artist himself recording for Legendary Reggae producers Joe Gibbs and Duke Reid. Chyna’s Mom also was a part of the rich musical tradition as REGGAE’S FIRST GRAMMY AWARD WINNING Michael Rose and the group Black Uhuru rehearsed in their back yard in early days.Chyna Nicole began singing and songwriting as a young child heavily influenced by Michael Jackson. Although she was creative, Chyna Nicole was always a scholar. She was awarded the President Ronald Reagan Award during her middle school years for scholastic achievement and was named Valedictorian.
She continued to graduate on the National Honor Society from Kolbe Cathedral.From choreographing dance routines in high school (Connecticut), to recording R&B demos while at Howard University, Chyna's passion for music remained consistent. Her first release was in 1994 “Love Me Tenderly” performed with LukIe D under her father’s label, Little C in Kingston, Jamaica.Chyna was penned the name “China” in high school by friends at Kolbe Cathedral. She renamed her own artist name -Nicole Williams- which on the 1994 release LOVE ME TENDERLY and later changed her artist name to CHYNA NICOLE for future releases.
Upon graduating from Howard University majoring in Radio/TV/Film and working for various media arenas (NY) including Showtime Networks, WNET, VP Records, and Westwood One Radio, she relocated to Kingston, Jamaica to record an album with local producer Carl Williams (her father) in 2000.Although the album did not materialize, Chyna Nicole obtained the role of a disc jockey at Zip103FM. Her music selection of old school Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall with her gravitating personality lead her to be one of the most popular DJ's in a short time span
Sixth Year, Educational Leadership Degree
Howard University, BA Comminutions (Radio/TV/FIlm)
Howard University

She also worked as an Announcer on IRIE FM where she co-hosted The Entertainment Buzz interviewing the likes of Marcia Griffith, Berries Hammond and many more Reggae Icons. With rising popularity, producers welcomed her to record.

Grammy Judge Earle Holder, her chief advisor and mastering engineer, is responsible for getting Chyna Nicole’s music its first European exposure.
Down Beat The Ruler and others also work behind the scenes.

Appointed QUEEN OF THE WATERHOUSE DYNASTY by former manager Fitzroy Francis, as the first female out of this community to rise in the music industry. Her mission is to rebuild the community with resources for the education of children.

Chyna Nicole continued to pursue her educational passion along with music. She continues to teach and lead earning her Masters of Education from the University of New Haven and a Sixth Year Diploma from Southern Connecticut State University.
Because of her scholastic achievement, she joins the likes of distinguished former President Bill Clinton, Desmond Tutu, Elie Wiesel to name a few as a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Chyna Nicole is committed to teaching, learning, leadership and music. She is passionate about arts and education to nurture scholars for life long learning. She continues to show commitment in her daily works.

Chyna Nicole is a Founding Board Member to Daisy’ Pearls, LLC (a developmental and mentorship programs for girls ages 12-21) and a continuous supporter of PALAS (Peace and Love Academic Scholarship).

Support this independent Artist/Educator by downloading her music available on all digital and streaming platforms.

HISTORY as the first all female album drops!
In 2019, Chyna Nicole drops her first Various Artists album production under her label Nico Star Music. The album is titled “QUEENS IN THE ARENA - KEMET RIDDIM” which features hit maker Nadine Sutherland, Reggae Legend Pam Hall, First Lady of Dancehall Lady Ann, Billboard Helen Rogers, chart hitting Chyna Nicole and many more rising stars!

Album Credits:
Mixed and mastered by Gary O. Sutherland.
Music by Mark Clarke, additional keys by Ansel Collins. Backing vocalists include Carol Dexter, Chyna Nicole and more.


1) Albums:
.2013 - 20 Years In The Making & Ready For The World
.2016 - Higher
.2020 - Level of Concern

2) Singles:
.1994 - Love Me Tenderly" [Nicole Williams (Chyna Nicole) and Lukie D] - [Little C Label]
.1994 - Last Night [Nicole Williams (Chyna Nicole)] - [Little C Label]
.2002 - Baby Be Mine - [Black Mind Records]
.2002 - Come Ya Baby (Mud Slide Riddim) - [Geezy]
.2003 - Destiny - [Arrows Label]
.2003 - Love Remains - [Real McKoy Productions]
.2006 - Why Should I - [PowerMix Records/Warner Bros]
.2008 - I Aint Sweatin You - [Black Judah Productions]
.2013 - Take Me To The Moon - [Mightyful13 Records/Nico Star Music/VP]
.2013 - Cool Operator Remix (Andrew Bees & Chyna Nicole) - [Mightyful13 Records/VP]
.2014 - Cheers for Education (They Will Soar) - [Nico Star Music]
.2014 - Masquerade Of The Heart - [Mightyful13 Records/VP]
.2014 - Party in My Room (Chyna Nicole & Govava G) - [Tania N. Williams, Fitzroy Williams]
.2015 - Half Empty - [Black Scorpio Records]
.2016 - The Right Stuff - [Music Ambassador]
.2016 - Pretty Butterfly (Determine ft. Chyna Nicole) - [John Dingo Gwallaz Inc]
.2017 - Upload - [Danks Entertainment Ltd]
.2018 - Silent Night (Chyna Nicole Feat. Althea Hamilton and Samuel Grant) - [Nico Star Music]
.2020 - Let It Be for Justice - [Jumpout Production]

3) Singles for Various Compilations:
.2015 - Love You Forever - [Studio1 UK]
(Song featured on the compilation album "Renaissance (The Rebirth)")
.2015 - A Thing For You - [Studio1 UK]
(Song featured on the compilation album "Renaissance (The Rebirth)")
.2015 - Sweet Dreams - [Black Scorpio Records]
(Song featured on the compilation album "Lazy Body Riddim")
.2016 - I Do - [Worldbeat Music Label]
(Song featured on the compilation album "Park Heights Riddim"]
.2016 - Happy EDM MIX - [Gary Sutherland]
(Song featured on the compilation album "Jumpout Production Introduces Swirling Riddim"]
.2017 - Kiss - [Worldbeatmusiclabel]
(Song featured on the three-track EP "Lovers Season Riddim"] - Buy Song
2017 - Want to Be Satisfied (A Million Anniversaries) - [Jumpout Production] - Buy Song
[Song featured on the compilation album "Jumpout Production Introduces Swirling Riddim" produced by Gary Sutherland]
.2017 - All Eyes on Me [Jumpout Production] - Buy Song
[Song featured on the compilation album "Kill A Vibes Riddim" produced by Gary Sutherland]
.2017 - Kill A Vibe - [Jumpout Production] - Buy Song
[Song featured on the compilation album "Kill A Vibes Riddim" produced by Gary Sutherland]
.2018 - My Heart Will Go On (Rerecorded Version) - [Jumpout Production] - Buy Song
[Song featured on the compilation album "Matrixx Riddim" produced by Gary Sutherland]
.2018 - No Weapons - [Jumpout Production] - Buy Song
[Song featured on the compilation album "Matrixx Riddim" produced by Gary Sutherland]
.2019 - Amazing - [Nico Star Music] - Buy Song iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon
[Song featured on the female album "Queens in the Arena - Kemet Riddim" produced by Tania Nicole Sutherland aka CHYNA NICOLE
Mixed and Mastered by Gary Sutherland - Music by Mark Clarke - Additional Keys by Ansel Collins]
.2019 - One Shot - [Jumpout Production]
[Song featured on the compilation album "Jumpout Production Presents One Drop Mystic Riddim - Vol. 1" produced by Gary Sutherland] - Buy Song4) As a Producer:
2016 - HIGHER album
2019 - Queens in the Arena - Kemet Riddim

Reggie Smith "The Boss" A.K.A. The LastBboy Fridays 8 pm to 10 pm

Reggie Smith started in music in 1983 when he first heard Run DMC, he knew he was going to be a part of the Rap movement. In 1987 he was signed to Sony Music Group as a new artist and was scheduled to release his debut album in 1988, instead only one song was published and released by Sony, as they dropped all there new talent after 6 months. Back then Reggie Smith was known as Disco Bee. Reggie Smith released 6 independent albums and over 100 mixtapes and CDs. Reggie Smith worked with two different radio stations, Power 99.5 (NC) and he worked two years for free at W.E.B.B. 1360AM in Baltimore Maryland as a stock boy for on air DJs and later as a young mix consultant at promotional events. Reggie was able to work with DJs like Hoggie Rock, Frank Ski, Chuck Max, Mack James, Dj Reggie Reg. (RIP) and Dj K-Swift (RIP). Reggie Smith served 25yrs in the U.S. Army and retired in 2013. During his Army tenure Reggie Smith was able further hone his skills by playing different clubs in each place he was stationed, playing clubs in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Hawaii, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee and Georgia. He even played clubs in South Korea, Germany, Budapest, Turkey, Paris and Bangkok. Even though he loves all brand of music, except for country, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B Reggae has always remand his favorite genera’s. Reggie Smith was given the name “The Boss” by our close friend and then group buddy guard, James “Big Jay” Wright (NYC) (RIP). He used to say the Reggie always took charge of every musical situation like it was his own project. So he’s tease Reggie by calling him “Boss”. Since the passing of Big Jay, Reggie has continued to honor our friend spirit and great attitude by always used the name Reggie Smith “The Boss”. The Last Bboy is pretty much his old school style of music, in both mixing and rapping, long before B.boy were spinning on their heads but the time when they stood in the clubs and on stage with their arms folded. Reggie’s style of mixing music is truly original and if you love music like you think you do, The Last Bboy, Reggie Smith “The Boss” will never let you down.

Bio by Sean ”The Hitman” Scott

Bob Francis Vintage Gold Classics Saturdays 9am to 11am

Sheron Hamilton-Pearson (The Conduit Show) Saturdays 11 am - 12 pm

"Sheron Hamilton-Pearson hosts and produces The Conduit Show at every Sunday between the hours of 6-9 pm EST. Sheron P's Conduit Show is a popular magazine-style internet radio program where her quirky personality leads to lively and insightful conversations with celebrities and unknowns alike - giving voice to the ordinary and extraordinary in equal measure. playing music that inspires - her playlist is widely divergent from week to week. Encompassing gospel, world beats, reggae, pop and soul and R n B classics, she also is passionate about introducing new voices and use her platform to showcase artists whose music would not normally get airplay on terrestrial radio
airwaves. She also features up-and-coming entrepreneurs and movers and shakers in the community"

DJ ZigeDub (Saturdays 1 pm - 3 pm)

ZigeDub is the name and real authentic reggae music is the game, to know the game you have to know the rules and to know the rules you need to be educated.
I started my musical education back when I was a kid collecting tapes and 45's and rolling with sound systems around my endz, first tune I purchased on vinyl was Ranking Dread's Fattie Boom Boom in 1981 and I have not looked back. I have followed the sound system culture and the reggae scene for so long it sometimes frightens me hahahaha.I have moved around from country to country and have experienced different cultures thus the "Man from Foreign" tag, I'm presently back in the United Kingdom (Land Of My Birth) and feeling the vibes to the max.I have always considered myself a facilitator of reggae music working behind the scenes in production and development of new acts and spreading the gospel of real authentic reggae music.Broadcasting LIVE from the UK via syndicated to Vibes FM 106 in Gambia also Trend FM 100.9 Asaba, Nigeria and now English Connection Media we bring you the best in reggae music Remember if your mind believes it reality will conceive it....Bless Up!! You can catch me on Saturdays 6pm – 8pm GMT \ 1pm -3pm EST


                                                                            visit his site.                                                                                                                                              

Caribbean Pepper Pot Radio Newtwork with the Bushman Nevil Bush

(Saturdays 3 to 6 pm / Sunday 4 to 6 pm & 8 to 10pm)

Neville Bushell, has come to be known as a loveable, sincere, talented and accomplished Barbadian! 

Mr. Bushell, a true son of the soil, was born in Carrington’s Village and brought up at Chapel Place, Culloden Rd, St Michael, Barbados.Well educated, Neville graduated from ‘Modern High School’, and later migrated to New York, USA, to join his Mother, Ms Eileen Bushell-Neblett and family in 1964. Being an avid music lover, after working in various types of businesses, he pursued broadcasting studies at ‘Announcing Training Studio’/ATS, graduating in 1973.As an aggressive promoter of his Country of birth, the respected, charismatic and exemplary individual,

almost single-handedly began promoting the Culture of Barbados through the ‘Art-form’ of its music, beginning with the genre of ‘spouge’ and ‘Calypso’.The ‘Spouge’ beat wasn’t known to the New York & Tri-State communities, and therefore its presence wasn’t easily accepted, not even to his Caribbean family. However, with Neville’s determination, perseverance and assistance from a few Caribbean radio Stations, he managed to anchor  ‘radio programming ‘to promote the music to the listening public, especially ‘Bajans’, who in those early days of the 70’s were extremely starved for music of their own. In addition he secured major interest in establishing promotional advancement of record sales through retail community ‘Music Outlets’. 

As a distinguished ‘Community Award Winning’ radio-personality, Neville still actively promotes Barbados, it’s ‘Music, and Culture’, and also assist the many ‘Alumni & Cultural Associations’ with promotion of their philanthropic and community events.  As a well-known, respected ‘Media veteran’, The Bush Man, as he is affectionately called, worked with major Caribbean Radio Stations, WHBI 105.9 FM (later WNWK), WBLS 105.7FM, & WLIB 1190AM,  both as ‘Radio Personality’ and a distinguished ‘Account Executive’ for more than thirty (30) years. This he considers being his University in Broadcasting!

Neville Bushell still effectively promotes his loving Country of Barbados, via its various genres of music through his daily ‘On-Air’ live radio programming.In summation, and recognition of his contribution to his Country of birth, we personally believe that full consideration should be given to Mr. Neville Bushell as a ‘Community Awardee’.

Blazenation with Mark and Lisa Blaze (Saturday 7pm to 9pm)

Mark and Lisa Blaze is a vicarious pair with a past rooted in entertainment. Mark began his career as a club jock throughout New York City and - with the encouragement and guidance of a gentleman who would later become his mentor - he then enrolled in Queen Broadcasting School. Lisa pursued dancing and singing throughout her career before teaming up with her partner and together they formed the dynamic duo BlazeNation Media Group. The two went on to become the executive producers and hosts of their own show 'NIGHT GROOVE' aired on in the US and in the UK every Saturday from 7-9 PM EST so sit back, relax and let BlazeNation saturate your mind, body and soul. You can also get the latest entertainment news and so much more by following the duo on Instagram and Facebook @blazenationmediagroup.

DJ Steve Reggae Shoutout Show (Saturday 9pm to 11pm)

Coming from the U.K DjaySteve has a similar profile to David Rodigan, in that he is just 10 months
older than David, was first smitten by reggae upon hearing Millie Small’s “My Boy Lollipop,”
when the record hit #2 in the U.K charts in 1964.
Then in May 1973, DjaySteve was also present at the same time as David when the Wailers, as they
were then, appeared in one their first London gigs at The Greyhound in London’s Fulham Palace
Rd.There the similarity ends as David has enjoyed a richly deserved career as the U.K’s top
ambassador for the genre.
DjaySteve was part of the 60’s U.K youth movement that embraced Jamaican music in general and
the Trojan label in particular.From there his love of the music endured for the rest of his life.
He was a DJ in Croydon, South London, during the early ’80s but spent most of his life devoting his
time to his family whilst steadily adding to his record collection.For DjaySteve like most other DJ’s on internet radio stations, the internet was a game-changer,making it possible for anyone with a mic and the right software to broadcast from home.
DjaySteve started broadcasting his KarmaReggaeShow on GalaxyGold Radio in 2012 and has been
credited by a number of artists through the popularity of his shows with giving them a lift in their
careers they otherwise might not have had.DjaySteve then had his show syndicated to OneHarmonyRadio London and the now-defunct which he part-owned.
In 2013, DjaySteve became the manager of German reggae artist, Roots Queen, but despite having
guided her record “Feeling Free,” to chart success in New York and Florida in the U.S as well as
the U.K, management for him was not a happy experience and he subsequently quit the business for
a number of years returning in 2019 with a new show on several other stations.
But no sooner had he returned than ill-health struck him down and he was again absent for the rest
of that year, returning once again in early 2020 with his website which
also houses his current show once it has been broadcast on the host stations.
During those short periods of recent broadcasting many more artists have enjoyed more exposure
from his promotion of their music on his shows, through his top 10 hit list, and he says that this
response more than anything else gives him the utmost pleasure to be in the music.
If You Like DjaySteves Shows He Is Available For Bookings With His Reggae Revival Shows
Guaranteed To Have Any Reggae Crowd Singing And Dancing. Ph: +447508181208

The Saudicka Diaram Show to debut in the US

 NYC: The Saudicka Diaram Show (SDS), a weekly entertainment and lifestyle talk show in Jamaica has inked a deal with Caribbean International Network (CIN-TV). CIN TV is a television channel in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) watched by over half-a-million Caribbean nationals on channels 73 and Verizon Fios 26. The SDS, will premier in the tri-state on Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 1:30pm and 6pm.I am grateful for this opportunity as I will have a much larger platform. My work will have a wider reach and different audiences will gain access to the entertainment and lifestyle issues aired on my show. I will be able to ventilate the entertainment and lifestyle issues prevalent in the Caribbean and specifically Jamaica before a wider audience. I have received emails from hundreds of fans living overseas wanting to know when the show would reach across borders and get to their living rooms. The plan is to start in NY and then take the show to other markets" Diaram informed.Stephen Hill, CEO of CIN TV had high praises for Diaram saying that she has the most popular talk show on Television Jamaica (TVJ)."She is Jamaica's Oprah Winfrey and brings an engaging presence and her upcoming airing on CINTV will attract another large audience to the CIN platform. The personalities and topics that she covers will entertain the large Caribbean audience in New York" he said.Diaram, who serves as host and producer said since the program debuted on TVJ last August, it has made an impact among teenage and adult viewers."Thus far we have done extremely well. We have explored the surge of cosmetic surgery in Jamaica where we featured celebrity plastic surgeon 'Doctor Miami.' We have also secured an intimate interview with Olympian Novlene Mills about her journey and battle with breast cancer. The issue of 'fluffy women' was a big hit. We also featured former dancehall artiste Miss Ting who is now a Christian and preparing for a career in the gospel music industry and most recently I sat down with iconic selector Sky Juice who shared his remarkable contribution to dancehall.My team and I hope to continue bring refreshing, exciting content to television, while showcasing topics and issues that are universal" Diaram said.The award winning TV host brings spice and perspective to enterainment journalism. She boast an enviable interview tear sheet, having interviewed some of the most formative names in showbiz including Celine Dion, Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley, Regina Belle, Mary J. Blige, Natalie Cole, Dionne Warwick, Nicki Minaj, Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man among others.Her work was acknowledged by the Jamaican media fraternity in 2010 and 2011 when she was named the Press Association of Jamaica's (PAJ) 'Best Entertainment Journalist'.

DJ Toonie Chixx MIxx Tuesday & Wednesday 

DJ Q-KiDD ( Q-KiDD Radio)

Lashajuan Hedge (born August 9th , 1998), known by his professional name DJ Q-KIDD , is an Jamaican/American disc jockey (DJ). DJ Q-KiDD is a native of Queens, New York and was introduced to the world of music at a very early age. It was by the age of 10 that he knew he wanted to be a DJ . With the help of local businesses & his family , he quickly rose to fame in his neighborhood. At age 12 , he has already made for himself. He had also started to DJ for the legislator of Elmont , N.Y.  " Carrié Solages " , which started to build his fan base in Long Island and other parts of New  York. By then he had DJed at nightclubs, sweet 16s, weddings, schools, & promotional events. His voice was also featured on many Jersey Club Music tracks by Mvntana & DJ Styles. DJ Q-KIDD is now well known in many parts of the United States and other countries around the world. Q is now on “ English Connection Media “ radio every friday night from 8pm-10pm . He has over 8,000 followers on soundcloud and over 30,000 fans on facebook.